Interview with Kelly Negvesky on Leadership

Homeschoolers are known for thinking outside the box and making choices that differ from the status quo. Many will become leaders who possess the ability to influence others and positively impact the culture. Kelly Negvesky, author of The Official Homeschooler’s Guide to Dual Credit, recently took the time to answer some questions about leadership for Homeschooling Teen.

Kelly Negvesky

HST: How do you define the difference between a leader and an influencer?

KELLY: A leader goes first, ahead of the rest. This does not mean the leader influenced anyone with his direction. He just pointed a direction. When someone is influenced they are moved to take a difference stance, they know why they are heading in this new direction and have plans to imprint themselves morally with the change.

HST: What are some of the character qualities that make up a great leader? A powerful influencer?

KELLY: Great leaders are led by the Lord. They have never arrived. A great leader will say really hard things and then share how they fell in their achievement of those hard things. Great leaders assume the best in those around them but never, ever settle for anything but the best in others or themselves.

HST: Who influenced you as a child?

KELLY: My parents have a deep, impacting influence on my life and the choices I make. I had a strong relationship with all the Pastors in our home church. Each taught me valuable lessons from the pulpit and from the way they lived their daily lives. There are several authors that left deep imprints setting the stage for a different way to live my life. They pulled back the curtains on the multi-generation sin in my life and influenced lifelong changes that have led to great blessing. These are Larry Crabb, James Dobson, Bill Gothard and C.S. Lewis.

HST: Who influences you now?

KELLY: There are the well-known leaders in the Christian community and my thoughts are affected by their insight, but it is the Holy Spirit that has guided and directed me faithfully through my life.

HST: Who do you think are the major influencers within the homeschool community?

KELLY: Since the homeschool community is who the parent chooses to bring into the home this varies. In the Negvesky home we follow a very classical approach so we are heavily influenced by the authors of Memoria Press, Vision Forum and Veritas Press. We read history written by the history makers, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and we aren’t afraid to read from differing perspectives to either widen our horizon or solidify our current stand. I love reading articles from World Magazine and then grabbing an issue of Time to read the differing slant.

HST: When should a child make the transition from leader to influencer?

KELLY: Each child matures differently, but in our home we have set an expectation of 13. Our heart is to train them to lead and at the age of 13 create opportunities to step outside the realm to influence their world. We plan strategic opportunities to set them up for success. Sometimes they fall and we bring them home, discuss what happened and set up the next opportunity for success.

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