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In the near future, the Internet has grown into a huge virtual world called the World of OZ. In OZ, users create avatars to represent themselves, and do stuff. Shop, game, etc. Companies and governments have also set up shop in OZ, so it is connected to much of the world’s infrastructure, for ease of access for the people who work in those areas.

Kenji Koiso is a high school math genius. Natsuki Shinohara is a girl, who asked him to come over to her house to help set up the celebrations for her grandmother’s 90th birthday. While there, he receives a text message containing a long string of numbers. He solves it, and sends his reply. The following day, systems all over the world go haywire. And that’s the basic story of Summer Wars.

Summer Wars was directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who had previously directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time(reviewed last month – read here). You can’t really make comparisons between the two, as they are very different. (Art style aside. That looks similar.)

The characters are all really fun. There are a lot of people over for Grandma’s birthday, and they all have their own unique personalities. They don’t get a lot of character development, though; it’s only the main characters who do that.

Was it good? You bet. Of course, I’m biased towards things involving the Internet, but that aside, it still was a great movie.

Summer Wars [DVD]and Summer Wars [Blu-ray]are both available at Amazon.

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