God’s Love Letters to You by Dr. Larry Crabb

Nonfiction Book Review by Libbi

God’s Love Letters to You, by Dr. Larry Crabb

In this forty day devotional, Dr. Larry went through (obviously) forty different books of the Bible, based off of his book “66 Love Letters”. In that book, he went through each of the books of the Bible, and rewrote it in the form of a love letter from God to you, trying to say what he thought God wanted to say to His children through that book. The way it is written, it can be read either straight through like a book, or, across 40 days (or weeks!) as a devotional. Each day’s devotional includes:
-a selected Scripture reading
-a short devotional message
-reflection questions
-a closing prayer

What I thought: I thought that this book, while good in theory, was lacking in sound theology. I could not quite believe that if someone was really in love with me that they would make me sick, or take away a loved one. The books cover, however, was absolutely gorgeous! I loved it! I actually thought the questions at the end of each chapter were thought-provoking, yet some were still on the incorrect side. Overall, I disliked the book. If anyone is going to attempt to use a book, song, or picture to try and show how God talks to us, it needs to be biblical, and not heresy. Unfortunately, this book’s “letters” did not quite add up.

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