Submissions from Gilgal, Daniel, and Colleen

This month we received three submissions from our readers – a short story by Gilgal, a poem by Daniel, and Colleen’s description of her volunteer service project. Keep up the great work! 🙂 

Hi! My name is Gilgal Queen and I am 13 years old. This is a short story that I wrote.

The little wagon jutted along as its owner led it over the rocky path leading to the small, but very interesting old shack along the road.

It stopped by the door and its occupants climbed out with the help of their big older brother.

Daniel and Dotty were the nine year-old Currant twins. They were very small for their age, but they were good-natured and intelligent, and rarely argued with each other or their older brother Joe.

Joe was nearly twelve, with a quick temper and a rather mischievous disposition. But he was kind-hearted and wouldn’t do anything to really hurt anybody, unless he lost his temper (which happened frequently).

Now, only just half a mile from their meager home, they slowly opened the door of the little shack, half expecting a wild beast to come rushing at them. But no wild beast rushed out, just a little mouse that had taken refuge there.

Inside it was dusty, musty, and almost completely empty, except for a shelf leaning against the wall with two dirty books on it. The one-room shack was about fifteen feet wide, eight feet tall, and twenty feet long, with a small window letting in a little bit of light. The walls were clapboard and the floor was bare dirt, but to the Currant trio it was a wonderful discovery.

They moved in slowly at first, but then began searching it with excitement. After examining the books Joe said “Well, what do you know!”

Daniel looked up from the corner he was searching and asked “What do you know?”

“One of these books is a book of stories,” Joe replied “and the other one is a Bible! A whole Bible!”

Dotty went over to look at the books, and reverently brushed dust off the Bible with her hand. She smiled and held it out for Daniel to see.

Joe said excitedly “I always wanted a whole Bible.”

“We should take them home and clean them off. And won’t Mother and Father be pleased?” Daniel said, thinking of the wistful words his mother had said just a few days ago, longing for a Bible.

“First lets explore a little more,” Dotty said “Maybe we could make this into a fort with a password and everything.”

So they explored a little more, searching meticulously for more treasures, and though they didn’t find any more, they were very happy about the Bible and the book of stories.

When they were finished searching they packed the two items neatly in the wagon and started for their home. On the way they met fellow classmates Sandy and Frank Newt picking blackberries along the path. They stopped and ate a few, but then hurried on home again.

They arrived at about a quarter past four, and Dotty hopped out of the wagon, carrying the books carefully.

Joe parked the wagon under a canopy of oaks, and then the three started for the house, eager to see the delight on their parents faces when they showed them the treasures.

As they stepped into their small, but comfortable house they smelled their mother’s specialties-Zucchini bread and oatmeal cookies. They washed their dirty hands and faces and ran into the kitchen that also served as a dining room. Mrs. Currant was just taking a batch of cookies out of the oven when they flew in and waited expectantly.

Mrs. Currant smiled and handed each of them two cookies and then asked curiously, “Where did you explore, my dear children?”

“We explored that old shack by the road and guess what we found?” Joe said excitedly.

“Joe,” Daniel cried. “Maybe we should tell Father too, at the same time.”

“Your father is in the living room,” Mrs. Currant informed them. “You can get him and then all sit down and tell us what you found, okay?”

“Okay.” Dotty said, keeping the books well covered with her apron.

Daniel went to the next room and was back in a moment with Mr. Currant. Then they all sat down with cookies and milk and Joe beckoned Dotty to show them the treasures.

After he had explained about the Bible he was pleased to see a joyful expression on both of his parents faces.

Mrs. Currant said happily “Now we can read it every day instead of just once a week. This is such a blessing!”

“It certainly is.” Mr. Currant replied.

“Can we read a little right now, before chores?” Daniel asked hopefully.

“Yes, we will. What part should we read? Since you discovered it Joe, you can pick what we will read.” Mr. Currant said to his oldest son.

Joe thought for a moment and then replied “How about the one that Jesus fed thousands of people with just a little bit of food?”

So the Currant family gathered happily in the living room and read the Bible, treasuring every word, for it was the first time any of them had ever had a whole Bible.


My name is Daniel Pinckard. I am 15 years old (and homeschooled through The Potters School, an online Christian school) and would like to submit this original poem for the next issue of Homeschooling Teen Magazine.

What do you think Washington would say,
If he saw the way our country operates?
No Bibles allowed in schools,
Everyone calling Christians fools,
Hatred toward the founding beliefs,
Officials lying to keep their seats.
Everything done today,
Would be outrageous in his day.
We are fine with drinking and drugs,
Because our country is run by thugs.
We want to take the rights of the parent,
So children can have abortions without consent?
We need to take a stand,
To stop sin in this Christian founded land.
All of Our forefather’s broken laws,
Are a good enough cause,
To rebel against the coming evil,
Which can be stopped at will.
We just need to take a stand.


Adopt A US Soldier

Adopt a US Soldier

Hi, my name’s Colleen! I’m from Mississippi and in my junior year of high school.

I saw in this month’s issue of Homeschooling Teen where you guys were talking about volunteering and community service, so I wanted to tell you what I do to help out. I adopted a soldier!

God gave me the opportunity to support a soldier and, after searching on the net, I found an organization that specializes in pairing civilians and soldiers together, the Adopt-A-US-Soldier (AAUSS) program. The person, or group, can write letters to their soldier and send personal care packages! Most of the people that have been involved in the AAUSS program have said that many of the soldiers are on battlefields or just really busy in their jobs, so most of the soldiers don’t have the time to send letters back, but they love the support!

My soldier’s name is Valerie; and, although we’ve sent about two letters to each other so far, she’s like a sister now! She said that when one of them gets letters, especially from Christian families and groups, it really affects the entire team in a positive way; so, its a great way to show your support!

Anyways, love you guys; y’all are awesome!


Editor’s Note: Adopt A US Soldier is a not-for-profit group founded by Ann Johnson (a soldier’s mom) and staffed entirely by a core group of volunteers. Dedicated to providing our deployed troops with the support that they need, AAUSS matches volunteers, just like you, with soldiers deployed across the globe. For more information on how you can get involved, visit

Have something to share? Send it to:

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  1. Hey Colleen! I was just wondering how to go about adopting a U.S. soldier? Is it just writing encouraging letters to a few of them? If I write some letters, how would I send it to them? I’d just like to know. Thanks for everything!

    1. Hi Gilgal,
      I am a volunteer at AAUSS. If you’re interested in writing letters and sending packages to a soldier, please sign up at (Click on the “adopt a soldier” tab). After validation you’ll receive an e-mail with the name and address of your soldier. After that, it’s up to you to support him/her!
      For further information, you can also go to our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter:
      We would be very happy to welcome you as a new supporter!

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