Month: June 2011

15 Homeschool-Friendly Colleges that are Tuition FREE!

How would you like to attend college for FREE? Tuition-free colleges – also known as full-scholarship colleges – are one of higher education’s best-kept secrets. Colleges that do not charge tuition are made possible through large endowments by benefactors, donations from alumni, government funding, and/or investments in real estate. These include several of the best […]

Susanna Dart

Susanna Felicitas Dart was one of two student speakers at the Paradise Valley Community College graduation ceremony held on Friday, May 13, 2011. Susanna is a Presidents’ Scholar who maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated with High Distinction as a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Honors. She received both an Associate in Arts degree […]

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

If you could travel through time, what would you do? That is the question facing Makoto Kanno, a high school girl who is granted the ability to travel through time. Of course she doesn’t use it for malicious purposes, just little things like avoiding embarrassing situations, hanging out with friends longer, and things of that […]

Free eBook Collections

Summer’s here and that’s always a good time to catch up on your reading. Have you read all of the classics? Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, War and Peace – just to name a few! Many of these classics are available free to download from […]


Lifeguards monitor recreational areas such as pools, lakes, and beaches to provide assistance and protection to visitors. This can mean offering safety instruction, saving drowning victims, providing first aid, enforcing rules, or simply giving directions. As they are usually the first responders, lifeguards should have a good amount of medical training such as CPR. Lifeguards […]

Play it Safe in the Sun

(Article courtesy of and Sunshine on your shoulders may make you happy, but it can also give you a sunburn. And did you know that it can bring other risks that go beyond sunburn? Even though sunlight is essential for all life on Earth, repeated exposure to the sun is a major factor […]

HSLDA Fights for Homeschooled Military Enlistees

Homeschool News from Millie… Praise the Lord. This month I would like to share a wonderful e-mail my mother received from HSLDA. Here I will post some of the main sections of that e-mail: It is well known that homeschool graduates have served their nation with distinction-as past presidents, as members of state legislatures, and in […]

Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland and Lynn Vincent

Nonfiction Book Review, by Libbi Did you know that the Indian Ocean is 27,000,000 square MILES wide? Imagine being stuck on a boat, in the middle of that vast aura. Imagine Being 16, with a broken mast, and a dead phone. Now you know what it’s like to be Abby Sunderland. Abby Sunderland set out […]

The Good Thief

The Bookshelf, by Rebekah Hall. Ever since Hannah Tinti’s The Good Thief was published three years ago, the reader reactions toward the book have been mixed, usually in opposite extremes: either it’s the best thing since Charles Dickens and Robert Louis Stevenson (isn’t everything?), or it is the most grotesque, pointless narrative that that reader […]

Submissions from Gilgal, Daniel, and Colleen

This month we received three submissions from our readers – a short story by Gilgal, a poem by Daniel, and Colleen’s description of her volunteer service project. Keep up the great work! 🙂  Hi! My name is Gilgal Queen and I am 13 years old. This is a short story that I wrote. The little […]

Personal Affairs Not the Public’s Business

It did not take long for the British press to swing from reporting about the Royal Wedding to reporting about the now infamous privacy injunction saga. This privacy injunction in concern is a gagging order on the British press and public, stopping anyone from divulging details or the name of a mystery famous British footballer […]

Early College Student Wins Interlochen Emerson Award

Patrick Kraemer-Green, a homeschooled sophomore and Early College student at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, has been named one of 52 recipients, chosen nationally, of the Emerson Scholarship Awards to attend Interlochen Arts Camp. Interlochen, located near Traverse City on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, is among the nation’s premier summer music programs for […]