Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade is a show about a high school kendo club. Hence the name “Bamboo Blade.”

Toraji Ishida is the club’s instructor. He makes a bet with a friend of his, who is the kendo teacher at another school. They would each get five girls and have a match with each other. And if Toraji wins, he would be treated to free sushi for a year! Yum! But first he has to find some members, because there is currently only one.

Kirino Chiba, a junior, is the team’s captain. At the start, she’s the club’s only active member, since the seniors have already graduated. She’s always energetic and enthusiastic, and glad that her teacher has suddenly begun teaching more enthusiastically. (Little does she know his real motive…) She usually has the (=ω=) face on, which I like to refer to as “The Konata Face”. And she’s probably my overall favorite character.

Tamaki Kawazoe is the second member to join. She is extremely good at kendo, and can defeat everyone she meets, despite being very, very short. And what’s even better, she’s a die-hard anime fan. She especially loves Blade Braver, which I would totally watch, if it weren’t just a show-within-a-show. Oh well…

Miyako Miyazaki is Danjuro’s girlfriend. A very pretty and friendly girl, she… Oh wait, that’s wrong. She’s actually a very dark and scary girl. When she gets angry, she emanates an evil black aura. (But immediately reverts to being friendly whenever Danjuro is looking.)

Sayako Kuwahara is a close friend of Kirino’s. She is always being spontaneous and random. She is now a junior, and had joined the kendo club during her first year, but always stormed out vowing to never return. (She then showed up the next day.) But this year, she doesn’t do that.

Satori Azuma is the last person to join. She is very good at kendo, and is second to only Tamaki. But she is very bad with her studies, despite being very diligent. And so, she initially doesn’t want to join the club in order to study more, but she eventually changes her mind. (After a little “persuasion” from Miyako…)

Yuji Nakata and Danjuro Eiga are the only boys in the club. Yuji is always kind, cheerful, and helpful. He is also the only one who knows the real reason for the teacher’s sudden enthusiasm. Danjuro is shaped like an egg. He didn’t want to join the kendo club at first, instead wanting to join the ping-pong club. But there turns out to be no ping-pong club, so he joins with Yuji. Everyone is shocked when he brings in the beautiful Miyako and says that this is his girlfriend.

Overall, I liked the show. The characters were fun, and I learned at least a little about how kendo is done. Before, I knew nothing at all about it, except that they use wooden sticks. So that was fun too.

Bamboo Blade: The Complete Series is available on DVD at Amazon.

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