Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy

 Sugar AnimeThis was the first anime I ever watched, and it still holds the place closest to my heart.

The basic premise is that the world’s weather is controlled by Season Fairies; tiny creatures who use magical instruments to do their thing. Normally, humans cannot see Season Fairies, but very rarely, there comes along someone who can.

Saga Bergman is one such individual. Saga is an utterly dependable girl, who takes issue if she is just five minutes late to an appointment. “Tardiness is tardiness!” is what she says. She lives by the clock, creating complete schedules for her and her friends days in advance. However, her perfect rhythm is interrupted when she finds a tiny little creature nearly passed out from hunger during a rainstorm. She feeds it a waffle, and takes it home. She soon regrets it, as her new roommate, Sugar, causes her nothing but trouble.

Sugar is an apprentice Snow Fairy currently undergoing training in the human world as a part of her effort to become a full-fledged Snow Fairy. Along with her friends, Salt the Sun Fairy and Pepper the Wind Fairy, Sugar is in search of the mysterious ‘Twinkle’, which will allow their magic flowers to bloom, thereby completing their training. Sugar is very clumsy, always trying her best, but messes up because she never thinks things through properly. Salt and Pepper are less prone to impulsive actions than Sugar is, but they will still do so at times. Salt is kind of loud, whereas Pepper is always quiet and polite.

Greta is an interesting character. The spoiled daughter of a rich family, she is very arrogant and boastful. She is Saga’s (self-proclaimed) rival, and is always setting up contests between them. (They usually end in pain for Greta, though.) However, despite her outward abrasiveness, Greta takes her place as my favorite character in the story.

In my opinion, Sugar reached almost perfection in the balance between the comedy and drama in the story. I can only name one thing I would have changed if I were writing it. Other than that one point, I was left completely satisfied with the show, right up through the end credits. Surprisingly, among the story-driven animes I’ve watched, it’s rare that the ending leaves you completely satisfied. Many of the endings were a bit of a letdown after a great series. (Actually, that applies to a lot of other things, too. Not just anime. Still a bummer, though.)

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