Chibi Miku-san

A column by Peter (age 19)

Chibi Miku-san is a webcomic about “Little Miss Miku,” a Vocaloid. What is a Vocaloid, you ask?

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer program developed by Yamaha. A few different companies have created voicebanks for the engine, and each voice has its own character artwork to go with it. Hatsune Miku has become the most popular (by far,) but many other characters exist, as seen in the comic. All the characters in the strip are Vocaloids. (And there’s still more than shown there; even fan-made ones.)

Chibi Miku-san is a 4koma comic, which basically means a comic with four panels. And it’s in Japanese, but th

ere’s little dialogue. So even people who don’t know Japanese can (usually) understand what’s going on.

Here’s the link: (Note: the large cluster at the top of the page is the comic I’m talking about. The rest is other stuff by the same artist.)

Also, that archive only gets updated every ten strips. So it doesn’t always have the latest strips. For them, you have to go to the main index page at There’s a new strip almost daily, so you might wanna go there often. (Or, simply check the archive page every couple weeks for the block of ten.)

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