The Master’s College

The Master’s College (TMC) is a private, non-denominational Christian college located in Santa Clarita, California, 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. For over 80 years, TMC has provided quality, Christian liberal arts education to thousands of students around the world. Ranked 3rd in the West for nine consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Best Colleges in the category of Best Comprehensive Baccalaureate Colleges, TMC is also cited as one of the best values, ranking 4th in the category of “Great Schools, Great Prices.” Under the leadership of president Dr. John MacArthur, TMC provides quality education both on campus and through online distance education.

TMC is one of the academically-strongest evangelical Christian colleges in the nation. TMC offers bachelor’s degrees in over 55 different areas of study, all of which are founded on the Word of God and taught by highly qualified faculty. Academic programs include: Biblical Studies, Business Administration & Management, Computer & Information Science, English, History & Political Studies, Home Economics, Mathematics, Media & Communications, Music, Natural Sciences (Biological, Physical, & Environmental), Physical Education, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, and Teacher Education.

Most importantly, the mission of TMC is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God. The school’s motto is “For Christ & Scripture.” TMC has chapel three times a week – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It opens with worship, followed by a guest speaker or preacher, focusing mainly on encouraging the students to keep their lives committed to Jesus Christ. Students are only allowed a maximum of six chapel misses per semester.

Men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, baseball, cross-country, golf, tennis and volleyball are all available on the TMC campus, which is situated on 100 acres in a beautiful canyon setting. The campus provides dorms for the students. It is important to note that dorms are not coed. Off campus housing is restricted to married students, part-time students, students over the age of 21, or students who live at home and commute to campus.

The student/teacher ratio averages 16/1. Class sizes range from 30-40 students in lower division classes down to 8-15 students in upper division courses. However, some Bible classes will have close to 100 students. All students – including freshmen – benefit from being taught by exceptional full-time senior faculty members, 70 percent of whom hold doctoral degrees from many of the nation’s most respected graduate schools.

The caliber of TMC students is likewise exceptional. They exhibit high standards in personal character, scholastics, leadership, and performance talents, including music and athletics. According to Katie Meade, Regional Alumni Ambassador for The Master’s College, “One-third of our students come from homeschooling families.” Academically strong 11th & 12th grade students who demonstrate adequate academic capability to be successful in college-level courses may also take online classes at TMC. Applicants must be in general agreement with the TMC Doctrinal Statement, must regularly attend a local evangelical church and provide a pastoral reference from one of the pastors or church leaders, and must be able to give a clear testimony of the basis of his/her salvation and hope of eternal life.

Whether your goal is to become a teacher, start your own software company, pastor a church, or run a PR firm, TMC’s timely, robust liberal arts curriculum provides outstanding career preparation as well as a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.


CONTACT:   Admissions Department, 800-568-6248 for more information

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