Quentyn Quinn – Space Ranger!

A column by Peter (age 19)

The last comic from RH Junior. FINALLY.

Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger is about a descendant of the other Quentyn Quinn, Questor of Freeman Downs.

The Racconans have ventured out into space, and Quentyn is a Space Ranger. Space Rangers are:

Brave warriors, explorers, frontier lawmen who push the boundaries of civilization and justice out across the stars every single day.

In the opening sequence, I am very much reminded of Spaceman Spiff. (Except his spaceship was red.) I would be not at all surprised if RH Junior was a Calvin and Hobbes fan. (It’s one of the greatest comic strips ever. Whad’ya expect?)

There are, as I write this, 26 strips in the archive. That’s because instead of just making the strip and putting it up, the author makes three new pages every time he collects $500 in donations.


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  1. Skynet Subnode #147

    A problem is that the dude’s very vocal about his positions, and that the writing is mediocre. Wow, you have nice ideas, I can’t wait to see how you interestingly play them out-aaaand it’s all political mouth-piecing.

    Like, this is the same problem modern films have nowadays, it’s all poorly written dreck with interesting ideas. Have long gun one arc, don’t have it the next! Bomb in the replicator device, don’t worry, no consequences outside of that!

    The story even mentions that Rangers are expendable first contact types, basically ablative armor for the rest of the org, but they’re consistantly shown to be nearly unkillable (I don’t think any even suffer more than mild injuries) and generally presented as paragons in comparison to various strawmen.

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