Quentyn Quinn – Space Ranger!

A column by Peter (age 19)

The last comic from RH Junior. FINALLY.

Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger is about a descendant of the other Quentyn Quinn, Questor of Freeman Downs.

The Racconans have ventured out into space, and Quentyn is a Space Ranger. Space Rangers are:

Brave warriors, explorers, frontier lawmen who push the boundaries of civilization and justice out across the stars every single day.

In the opening sequence, I am very much reminded of Spaceman Spiff. (Except his spaceship was red.) I would be not at all surprised if RH Junior was a Calvin and Hobbes fan. (It’s one of the greatest comic strips ever. Whad’ya expect?)

There are, as I write this, 26 strips in the archive. That’s because instead of just making the strip and putting it up, the author makes three new pages every time he collects $500 in donations.


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