Pajama School – stories from the life of a homeschool graduate

PAJAMA SCHOOL – stories from the life of a homeschool graduate

Do you get to wear your pajamas to school? Do you have recess or snow days? What about socialization? Like many homeschoolers, Natalie Wickham has heard dozens of questions like these – from curious bystanders, parents considering homeschooling their children, and even homeschool parents. Natalie, who was homeschooled from fourth grade through college, explains, “As soon as they learn that I graduated from high school as a homeschooler, the questions begin to flow. From what curriculum we used, to how we handled P.E., to what we did for socialization, at the heart of them all is the unspoken search for the assurance that if they homeschool their children they will turn out okay.”

Ten years after graduating from high school, homeschool graduate Natalie Wickham looks back and candidly shares the struggles and triumphs which led her to conclude that education is about more than just academics. Her new book, Pajama School – stories from the life of a homeschool graduate, answers many of the most-often asked questions – not with dry facts, but with engaging and entertaining stories from real life. Natalie goes beyond providing simple answers and shares the daily experiences that she and her five siblings encountered as a homeschool family. Readers of Pajama School will join Natalie and her family as they make the difficult transition into homeschooling, endure the challenge of having a mentally ill Grandma live with them, get involved in grassroots politics, turn sibling rivalry into lasting friendships, pursue higher education without going the traditional college route, and much more. Whether you’ve been homeschooling since the days of the New England Primer or are just embarking on this educational adventure, you will find hope, humor, inspiration, and an ample dose of reality in the pages of Pajama School.

About the Author – With a passion for equipping upcoming generations of homeschoolers to be godly leaders, Natalie loves challenging children and teenagers to embrace these years of their life and make the most of their homeschool experience. She also owns and operates a successful piano studio. Read more about Natalie Wickham:

Read the first chapter of Pajama School:

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