Month: September 2009

Lucky Star

Today, I’m going to be starting a new series, wherein I review anime. Lucky Star is a “slice-of-life” anime. Meaning, it tells the everyday story of a group of ordinary high school girls. No big, dramatic, epic battle for world domination or anything like that. Instead, the girls are gifted with more than your average […]

The Noble Tradition of Tutoring

Many times when homeschoolers reach high school age, their parents often have second thoughts about teaching the more advanced subjects. This is especially true when college admissions and potential scholarships are at stake. If it’s just one or two subjects the parents are unsure about, they may want to consider hiring a private tutor. Tutors […]

Camp Calomine

Webcomix A column by Peter (age 19) Oh look. Another comic from RH Junior. Who’d have thought… Camp Calomine is about a camp counselor who works among a bunch of people who don’t know the first thing about real camping. They spend most of their time eating tofu dogs, and teaching about global warming. Eh… […]

Joan of Arc

In Honor of “Women of Achievement” Month… Joan of Arc – Homeschooled Patriot & Saint Joan of Arc (1412-1431) was a French teenager and devout Catholic who became one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Only 17 years old when she was put in command of the French army, Joan of Arc is […]

Ecclesia College

Ecclesia College is a four-year interdenominational Christian college located in Springdale, Arkansas, combining affordability with a quality Christian education. Ecclesia is a Greek word meaning “called out ones.” The term was used in ancient Greece to describe those who had been called out from general society to come aside and discuss the affairs of state. […]

Colleges That Encourage Character Development

College Bound Reading List Colleges That Encourage Character Development: A Resource for Parents, Students, and Educators Recent national studies suggest that the vast majority of Americans share a respect for a common set of core values: honesty, compassion, and personal responsibility. While those positive traits are developed over a lifetime, the college experience is critical […]