Month: August 2009

Olivia Bennett – Homeschooled Teen Artist

Olivia Bennett is a 19-year-old nationally recognized art prodigy who found her unique visual gift after being diagnosed with cancer at age 5. Olivia’s story is an inspiring one of hope and healing, with her greatest gift discovered during her bleakest hours. While battling leukemia, Olivia required more than two years of intense chemotherapy including […]

SHIMER: The Great Books College of Chicago

Shimer (rhymes with rhymer) is a private liberal arts college best known for its intellectual atmosphere, small class sizes, and Great Books curriculum. Shimer is one of the smallest colleges in the United States with only about 100 undergraduates. The college, originally founded in 1853, is located on the campus of the Illinois Institute of […]

Modesty: Part 5 of 5

We’ve seen that modesty is an expression of purity, consideration, and wisdom in a world created by God but fallen into sin, where the good gift of romantic attraction can go out of control and become sin that damages lives. We’ve looked at some principles and specifics that should affect our choice of clothing styles. […]


Webcomix A column by Peter (age 19) Today’s lineup includes Tallyho, yet another comic by the Tales of the Questor guy. There’s a fox, a basset hound, and an evil, insane kid. The fox loves fried chicken in a bucket, the hound is British, and the evil, insane kid is, well… evil and insane. I […]


By TriciaMcQuarrie, We would like to share with you a link to our website which contains FREE lesson plans for earning college credits using the CLEP examination program.  Again, all the plans on our site are FREE and we would like to share this information with the wider homeschool community.  If you feel led, would you […]

Lava Cave

By Peter Olsen, 19 In June, I went into a lava cave with a group of my friends and family. The cave is located just north of Flagstaff, Arizona, about two hours from where we live. The cave was formed when an underground magma flow carved a tube about three fourths of a mile long. The entrance […]

Civil Disobedience

College Bound Reading List Have you read “Walden,” the book that Henry David Thoreau wrote while living at Walden’s Pond in Massachusetts? If you haven’t, you should! “Walden” is a great book to read in high school, college, and throughout one’s life, because like all good literature, with each subsequent reading new depths of understanding […]