Messiah College

Messiah College

Messiah College is a Christian College of the liberal and applied arts and sciences located in Grantham, Pennsylvania, which is 12 miles southwest of the state capital at Harrisburg. It was founded in 1909 by the Brethren in Christ Church as the Messiah Bible School and Missionary Training Home. Messiah’s mission is to “educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character, and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation in church and society.”

Rigorous academics, opportunities for spiritual growth, lifelong friendships… all of these can be found at Messiah College, both on the scenic 471-acre campus and at destinations around the globe. Messiah College offers opportunities for students to study abroad in places like China, Australia, and Oxford, and to become immersed in service and missions experiences in the U.S., Guatemala, Russia, and beyond.

Messiah College offers over 55 majors and pre-professional programs in five schools: Arts; Education and Social Sciences; Health and Natural Sciences; Humanities; and Mathematics, Engineering, and Business. In addition to major requirements, there is a general education curriculum required for all students. General education requirements include but are not limited to: Bible courses, philosophy, literature, social science, art, a worldview class, physical education, first year and senior seminars, and a program named “Created and Called for Community.”

Students are required to attend 24 chapel services each semester. Students can also participate in theatre or musical productions; play sports; enroll in a competitive honors program; land an internship; watch movies and attend concerts on campus; and join any of Messiah’s 60 clubs and organizations.

Students at Messiah College are required to sign a Community Covenant affirming belief in God and the Bible. The document states that every person is created in the image of God, and that there are certain responsibilities of living in community that must also be assumed in relation to God, others, and His creation. The Community Covenant requires commitment to academic integrity, responsible decision making in light of Christian values, and balancing personal freedom with concern for others. The Covenant bans the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco both on and off-campus. It also prescribes the avoidance of drunkenness, stealing, dishonesty, profanity, and immorality.

In 1963, Messiah College was accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Messiah College has been named by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the top ten best colleges for comprehensive bachelor’s degrees in the North. Peterson’s Competitive Colleges lists Messiah as one of the nation’s “Top Colleges for Top Students.” Current enrollment is recorded at 2,802 students. The student/faculty ratio is 13:1. Over 97% of students receive financial aid, and scholarships are available.

Messiah College uses the 4-1-3 academic calendar system in which the academic year is divided into Fall, January, and Spring Terms. The January Term, or J-Term, is a three-and-a-half-week period where students can choose to take one or two courses intensively, participate in a cross cultural study program, sign up for the popular Skiing and Snowboarding class, or simply stay home for an extended vacation. A semester abroad costs about the same as a regular semester at Messiah College and, in most cases, the college will even pay for your international flight. That’s how strongly they value the experiences you’ll have and the education you’ll receive while living and learning in other cultures.

Messiah College welcomes homeschooled students who have distinguished themselves as scholars, athletes, artists, and leaders. Outstanding study abroad, internship, summer school opportunities, and career placement programs appeal to homeschooled students who have studied in a non-traditional setting. Currently Messiah College has nearly 150 students who were homeschooled at some point in their education. Messiah has a dedicated admissions counselor for homeschooled students, to help them navigate the admissions process and answer any questions they may have.

At Messiah College, homeschooled students are asked to follow the same admission application procedures as other students. However, homeschooled students are also asked to submit a comprehensive transcript of a senior year academic program as well as a courses and course evaluations of the ninth through eleventh grades. If students do not receive grades, you will need to explain the evaluation method used. If students have an independent evaluation of academic progress by a qualified educator, it should be included with the transcript. Find more information at

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