Month: April 2009

Tim Tebow

  If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably heard of football quarterback Tim Tebow. Besides being an outspoken Christian athlete, Tebow is a homeschool graduate. Although he did not attend public school classes, he played on the Nease High School football team which won the 2005 State Championship. In his freshman year at college, Tim […]

Modesty: Part 2 of 5

What is modesty? Last month we said that modesty is an expression of purity, consideration and wisdom. It’s dressing (and acting!) in a way that protects ourselves and others from sinful thoughts and desires related to the body. And we need modesty because the good force of physical attraction, which God created, can be twisted […]

Messiah College

Messiah College is a Christian College of the liberal and applied arts and sciences located in Grantham, Pennsylvania, which is 12 miles southwest of the state capital at Harrisburg. It was founded in 1909 by the Brethren in Christ Church as the Messiah Bible School and Missionary Training Home. Messiah’s mission is to “educate men […]

Check Out Your Professors! is the Internet’s largest listing of collegiate professor ratings. Online since 1999, it contains more than 8 million student-generated ratings of over 1 million professors from over 6,000 colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, England, Scotland and Wales. Thousands of new ratings are added each day, and even local community colleges are […]


Webcomix A column by Peter (age 18) Last month’s webomic was from Alaska, but this week’s is a little closer to home. Well, my home anyway. Sandusky takes place in Arizona, not a long way from my place. It’s about a mountain lion, who mysteriously shows up at the door of somebody’s apartment, in a […]

Home With You

Writing from the Home, by Cherise Ryan At 18, Cati Gerwitz from Rochester, New York, just published her first novel. Home With You is a story about the friendship of two girls, their experiences, and the lessons they learn together. Homeschoolers are moving into the publishing world one step at a time. Cati is one […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

College Bound Reading List A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is one of my favorite Shakespearean dramas. It’s a romantic comedy that features three interlocking plots connected by a wedding celebration, a woodland rendezvous under the light of the moon, and a nighttime realm inhabited by fairies. To get the most enjoyment out of […]