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The University of Wyoming

If you are looking for a community of friendly people located in a small town, the University of Wyoming ( is the college for you. UW is located in Laramie, Wyoming, situated on a high plain between the Laramie and Snowy Range mountains. UW is large enough to offer the facilities and activities of a major university, and yet small enough to provide personalized attention and a supportive environment. Their undergraduate student body is a diverse group of scholars from all around the country, and homeschoolers are welcomed.

Homeschooled students must meet the same requirements as other high school graduates. This includes 4 units of English/Language Arts, 3 units of Mathematics, 3 units of Science, and 3 units of Social Science/Culture. The homeschool instructor should also complete a Home School Credit Evaluation Form (downloadable at It’s a simple alternative to an official transcript.

UW classes are taught by faculty who are experts in the field; nationally known researchers and educators who have chosen UW because of their commitment to undergraduate education and the quality of life found in southeastern Wyoming. The student/faculty ratio is 15/1 which provides regular opportunity for individual interaction with faculty members and gives you an opportunity to truly get to know your professors.

UW offers a broad selection of majors and emphasis areas to meet your academic needs. Pharmacy, juris doctor (law), and education are just a few of the degrees that are available. The university has seven colleges: Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Law. UW is also a national research university specializing in the environment and natural resource related fields (i.e. agriculture, energy, geology, and water resources).

UW offers many co-curricular opportunities and extracurricular activities such as Speech and Debate (also known as the Forensics Team). There are many student clubs and organizations on campus ranging from conservative to liberal, as well as several faith-based groups. Being a federal land grant institution, UW was also obliged to maintain a military program, and the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps can still be seen engaging in maneuvers around campus.

The surrounding area provides numerous recreational activities including hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and fishing. With the abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities at students’ doorsteps and its proximity to national parks and forests, Laramie was voted one of America’s top 40 college towns by Outside Magazine, and one of the Best Places for Outdoor Activities. UW’s Outdoor Adventure Program allows students of all skill levels to get involved in outdoor activities. They have an extensive collection of outdoor gear that is available to rent by students and locals alike.

As Wyoming’s only four-year educational institution, UW receives strong support from the state and its residents. The university is a hub of cultural events in Laramie. There is a dedication to making UW the best it can be in terms of its facilities, programs, people, and aesthetics. Capital improvements on campus are a high priority, reflecting a commitment to maintaining UW’s world-class stature. The University is also home to the American Heritage Center, a library established in 1945 that specializes in historical documents relating to Wyoming and the American West.

The UW sports teams are named the Cowboys and Cowgirls. The student newspaper is called “The Branding Iron.” At the heart of the UW campus is a large grassy area known as Prexy’s Pasture. Prexy’s was originally a real pasture where UW’s first president supposedly kept his personal herd of cattle in the early 1890’s. If you were riding a horse today, it would still be legal to leave your horse in Prexy’s Pasture.

For nearly a century, UW outreach classes have taught citizens, students, teachers, business owners, ranchers, and farmers around the state. UW was the first university west of the Missouri to offer correspondence courses. Today, the Outreach Division delivers university learning opportunities to students across the nation with audio and video conferencing, correspondence study, and Web-based instruction. Distance learning opportunities are available in both credit and non-credit formats.

The state of Wyoming has established a generous scholarship program in the name of former Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway that rewards eligible Wyoming students with scholarship money to attend UW. Hathaway scholarships based on need and merit are available. Homeschooled students may also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. Although GPA is a selection criterion for non-homeschooled students, students who are homeschooled can bypass this requirement and submit ACT scores along with a list of classes completed. Homeschoolers must meet all other eligibility criteria and apply for admission before age 21. To view specific eligibility requirements for the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship, visit the Wyoming Department of Education website.

In addition to the state-awarded scholarships, the Shannon C. Honaker Scholarship for Home-Educated Students was created in 1991 by Richard H. Honaker. This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a Wyoming resident undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at the University of Wyoming. See for more information about the homeschool scholarship.

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