Kitty Hawk

A column by Peter (age 18)

Breaking the trend of comix from RH Junior… This week, I’m talking about the new kid on the block: Kitty Hawk.

It’s currently set in 1933, and we have a young pilot, pre-war US, and Nazi rocketmen. Sounds good already, doesn’t it?

Here’s a snippet from the storyline page:

“As we join her story, she is just coming home from a three-year expedition in Europe-a sort of internship with the U.S. military that seems to have gone south at some point and ended up a chaotic mess of gunfire and rocket packs. She has yet to share the details with any of her friends or family.”

This is a new comic, just getting started. But I already like the story, and the art isn’t bad either! I can’t wait to see where the comic goes from here.

As usual, it’s serialized, so start at the beginning:

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