Nip an’ Tuck

A column by Peter (age 18)

For this week’s Webcomix with the X, I have selected Nip an’ Tuck, written by the same guy who makes Tales of the Questor, which I talked about last week.

N&T is about two brothers, Nip and Tuck Todd, who live on a farm in Malarkey County, somewhere in the South. Nip is adventurous, and loves to do crazy stunts, (often involving explosives,) whereas Tuck is more laid-back, and not always happy about the messes his brother gets into.

Other folks include Thelma Possum (Tuck’s girlfriend,) Gilly Gopher, (the resident city slicker, who moved out into the country,) Zelda Porcupine, (a very sweet, but very shy girl,) Tagger Beaver, (who admires Nip and Tuck a lot, and often follows them around, doing ‘boy stuff’)

There are a lot more characters, but I’m not gonna write them all down for you. 😛

It’s a semi-serialized strip, so I say to start at the beginning.

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