Tales of the Questor

A column by Peter (age 18)

Surprise! A new column today, in which I write reviews of the webcomics I read. (Or if the opportunity arises, make fun of them. XD )

And so to start off, why not my favorite comic: Tales of the Questor.

TOTQ is about a young Racconan, which is a sentient raccoon-like people. Quentyn Quinn isn’t the biggest, strongest, or most magical of the kids in his town, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to become a Questor, like in the stories of old that he loves to read.

His subsequent adventures vary a lot in their makeup. But whether it’s rescuing the swamp chieftain’s daughter, recovering his sword from a gang, or battling evil fairies, Quentyn never gives up.

Along with great sense of humor and storytelling ability, great art and lovable characters, everything comes together perfectly to create what I consider the greatest webcomic of all time. If had to come up with anything bad to say about this strip, it would be that it’s not updated frequently enough!

Since it’s a serialized story, I recommend that you start at the beginning.

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