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Unsinkable by Abby Sunderland and Lynn Vincent

Nonfiction Book Review, by Libbi Did you know that the Indian Ocean is 27,000,000 square MILES wide? Imagine being stuck on a boat, in the middle of that vast aura. Imagine Being 16, with a broken mast, and a dead phone. Now you know what it’s like to be Abby Sunderland. Abby Sunderland set out […]

“You Go Girl!”

It seems ironic that Abby Sunderland received so little press until she ran into trouble, and only then did the news really pick up on her story. Abby’s parents have been criticized for being too permissive in allowing their 16-year-old daughter to be exposed to unknown perils alone on the high seas. However, Marianne and […]

Two Years Before the Mast

College Bound Reading List Two Years Before the Mast By Richard Henry Dana, Jr. In 1834, 19-year-old Richard Henry Dana, Jr. went from being a Harvard student to a common sailor. This book is a detailed autobiographical account of his two-year trip, sailing from Boston to California around Cape Horn and back again. Dana didn’t […]

Books for Summer

College Bound Reading List Books for Summer Relax and be inspired with these books about sailing and the sea, nature, travel, adventure, and more. Dana, Richard Henry. Two Years Before the Mast. (A detailed autobiographical account of a two-year trip out of Boston and around Cape Horn to California circa 1834. For an extra touch […]