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How to Prepare for and Pass the Police Officer Interview

Police officers perform a vital public service by helping to protect lives and property. The daily duties of police officers vary with their occupational specialty and whether they are working for a local, state, or federal agency. Many police officers patrol their jurisdictions and investigate any suspicious activity that they notice. They pursue and apprehend […]

Career-of-the-Month: Law Enforcement Officer

The goal of law enforcement is to promote public safety and welfare. A law enforcement officer (also called peace officer) is any public-sector employee or agent whose duties involve enforcing laws, collecting evidence, and catching criminals. They may be employed by local, special, State or Federal agencies. Law enforcement officers include police officers, prison officers, […]

Career-of-the-Month: Criminal Justice

A degree in criminal justice can lead to a career in law enforcement or government. Whether you’re interested in working for the federal government, your city’s police department, or a private detective agency, a criminal justice degree will prepare you to assume these roles. Most people working in criminal justice have at least a bachelor’s […]