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Why Us?

Laughter, Tears, and Our Teen Years, by McKennaugh Last week, we were birthday shopping for my Dad and we wandered into Barnes and Noble in hopes to find a good Dutch Oven (you know, those big cast iron pots to go over the fire) cookbook. Well, Mom and I together in a bookstore is slightly […]


Librarians like to read, do research, and find facts. They usually spend a lot of time at a desk or computer. Librarians organize information and help people look for books, magazines, and other resources. They arrange the books and other items so people can find them easily. Some librarians keep records, develop databases, and supervise […]

Transcript Credit for Homeschoolers

By Dr. Ronald E. Johnson Practical Life Experiences Most states recognize and accept two or three transcript credits for practical life experiences. Home school students may earn transcript credit for real life experiences based on the Carnegie Unit formula of 45 minutes multiplied by 180 days. For example, a student who trains and rides horses may […]

Prepare for College: Read the Bible

College Bound Reading List Prepare for College: Read the Bible By Derek Melleby   Students who desire to transition smoothly from high school to college should read and understand the Bible. You probably expect this kind of advice coming from me. In my work with CPYU’s College Transition Initiative, I have written and spoken often […]