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An American Teenager: My Life & Experiences In Costa Rica

For the month of February, I was unable to write due to a few fun excursions I took part in. My younger brothers’ school was taking a field trip into the mountains to a Christian camp, and I joined them as a volunteer. I received 72 hours of volunteer hours for the trip, where my […]

Modest Summer Fashion

Hot weather doesn’t have to mean showing a lot of skin. Covering up is also a choice. So how do you stay cool and comfortable while dressing modestly – and why is it a good idea? Here is Homeschooling Teen‘s guide to modest summer fashion… The Bible says that “women should adorn themselves in respectable […]

Modesty: Part 4 of 5

We’ve seen that modesty is an expression of purity, consideration and wisdom in a fallen world, and we’ve started to look at some specifics regarding styles. Today we’ll look at some more principles that affect our choice of styles. Where are you? Modesty recognizes that where you are in what you wear makes a huge […]