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Ajay Kumar Raja

Ajay Kumar Raja, a homeschooled teen and math major, was UC Berkeley’s youngest student when he started there full-time at age 14.

5 Homeschooling Tips for Parents of Teens

By Claudia With homeschool training, you can help your child in many ways. You provide them the option of modifying their educational requirements. For example, online and practical trainings provide opportunities to become acquainted with a desired degree program. There is a huge amount of information available for parents who homeschool their kids. But when […]

What Has Algebra to Do with Life?

By Sarah Del Rosario Math teachers and parents alike hear the same question from their students and children. They want to know why they need algebra. After all, it does not appear to them that they will use these complex equations and odd symbols anywhere in life. Modern educational theory stresses the importance of taking […]