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A Day in Spain: A Day in the Life of Spaniard Jose Real

His Story, His World by Aubrey Tuggle Hola! Mi nombre es Jose Real! (My name is Jose Real) That’s pronounced “hose-ay ray-all,” by the way. I live in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is a very busy place with over five million people. That’s packed! Another neat fact: While it often reaches 105 degrees here […]

His Story, His World: Atomic Energy

By Aubrey Tuggle, 17 It was an average winter day on December 2nd, 1942. Everyone went about their business just like any other day, never suspecting that something would happen that would change their lives. Deep under the bleachers of the West Stands of Stagg Field at the Chicago University, scientist Enrico Fermi was hard […]

The History of Homeschooling

By Aubrey Tuggle, 17 Are you homeschooled? Although you probably know many other homeschoolers, I bet you don’t know many adults who have been homeschooled. Perhaps even your parents weren’t homeschooled. I doubt that your grandparents were. But although homeschooling probably seems like a new idea, it has been around since the beginning of time. […]

His Story, His World

New Column! by Aubrey Hi! My name is Aubrey Tuggle, and I am a seventeen year old junior. I am the oldest of three siblings under seven, so the house is never quiet! However, I still find time to pursue my hobbies of reading and writing. I would love to become a freelance writer, and am pursuing a writing career. […]