Ready Your High Schooler for College in 3 Easy Steps

By Rachelle Wilber

College can be an intimidating experience for any student, and preparing for college can be an overwhelming experience for the entire family. We all want our high schoolers to be as ready as possible for the various challenges they will encounter while in college. There is a lot we can teach them and prepare them for, and these three steps are a really good start.

Money Management

There is a lot that goes into knowing how to effectively manage money in college, as a 2013 article from US News illustrates. Credit cards are easily available to college students without parental consent, and without some financial literacy, managing money can quickly turn into managing debt and not having enough to live off of. Talk to your high schooler about credit, and make sure they know credit cards are only a way to access borrowed money. As important, help them create a budget and share with them ways they can save money and spent it effectively.

Think About Graduate School

80% of students will change their major in college, according to USA Today, but it is still not too early to lay the groundwork for graduate school. Consider, for instance, an online master’s of history. A master’s degree in history could give your student a lifetime of exciting career opportunities and a healthy salary too. It could also open doors for them to some of the top archives and universities in the world, something not many have access to. Talk to your student about the necessity of good grades and internships to prepare them for graduate school in the future.

Have Fun

More students than ever are experiencing increasingly intense stress in college, with nearly half of all students seeking counseling because of anxiety according to a 2014 report from the American Psychological Association. Your student will experience pressure everywhere in college, so help them learn to balance academics and other responsibilities with fun, relaxing activities. Help them to develop healthy ways of relieving stress, and keep an eye on the proximity to fun, safe activities when selecting colleges in the first place. This can go a long way towards protecting the mental health of your student.

Preparing your high schooler for college may seem daunting, but with these three simple steps, you will be well on your way to making sure your student is as independent and successful in college as possible.

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