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ukranian-orphansBy McKennaugh

In 2011, I spent seven weeks in a Ukrainian orphanage for special needs children. Some of the children have severe disabilities. These sweet little ones desperately needed medical care, love, and attention. They spent their days – even if they were six or seven years old – behind crib bars waiting for love. Love that usually would never come.

I came back to the US knowing that these children needed help. I have found families for three of the children. I am currently advocating for a fourth, Miroslav. However, there are so many more that I know of. If I don’t speak out for them, there is a chance that no one will.

One child I met, Katia (aka Levina), was six years old and fifteen pounds. I found an adoptive family for Katia and she was brought to the US in 2012. You can read her story and see amazing before-and-after photos by clicking the following links.

Part One:

Part Two:

I also found a family for two little boys that I met, Yuri and Viktor. Their family is still in the process of adopting them and getting close to traveling to Ukraine. About the two others boys I was able to find a family for:

Another article about the orphanage and the boys that are now being adopted:

It was not easy to find these children families. It took months of advocating—doing guest posts for blogs, getting articles published in e-zines and magazines, and letting countless people know about the plight of these children.

I have a Ukrainian friend who often sends me photos and information about more children who desperately need to be adopted. I have profiles of probably 15+ kids, some of them have special needs and some are “normal.” I cannot find them all homes by myself.

Would YOU commit to finding one of them a home? It IS possible to find people willing to love these boys and girls—it’s just up to us to reach them! So I am asking you…will you commit to advocate for one of these kids until the child has a home? Please, they need YOU! You can contact me and I will help you get started with some ideas.

Contact me at mckennaugh[at] inbox [dot] com if you are willing advocate for one of these children. The below link tells more about the Ukrainian orphanage that I experienced:

How and why I advocated for these children:

About Miroslav, whom I’m advocating for now:

Even if you know you won’t have the time to advocate yourself, pass this info on! Let’s find some people who will stand up for these children! If we don’t get the word out, some of them may never leave their cribs or beds. Say a prayer that God would use you to help change their lives, and don’t forget about them. They’re counting on us. Please email me if you’re willing to help.

They Need YOU— Please Help!


mckennaugh [at] inbox [dot] com

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