McKennaugh Kelley: Pro-Life Advocate & Founder of APPOINT

pro life day silentMcKennaugh Kelley is a homeschool graduate and former Homeschooling Teen columnist. She has a passion for helping others, and as a young teen she worked tirelessly to find homes for Ukrainian orphans with special needs. She likes to “do it” not talk about it, and wants to see faith in action. She feels that we are all called to reach out in some way to those who have no love and no one to speak for them. McKennaugh is currently in the process of launching APPOINT, a pro-life organization that shows the truth of abortion to teens. She tells about her endeavor here…

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Some of you know of my 3-year journey into the pro-life movement, and some of you don’t. I don’t have room here to explain in detail all the whys of my decision to start APPOINT, but let me just say this:

Have you ever seen a girl being dragged into an abortion clinic by an older woman, her eyes searching your face and pleading with you? Or have you ever stood alone in a room discovering pamphlets that suddenly show the victims that you’re fighting for? And you look into the faces of the little babies who were killed and just cry because you can’t believe a nation is so silent when such injustice is being done?

From holding signs in Corning, New York–Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s hometown–to abortion centers in Kettering, Ohio, to campus outreaches and running pro-life booths, I’ve had to come face-to-face with abortion so many times.

At 16, I knew that God wanted me to devote myself to the unborn. Since then, I’ve volunteered with countless pro-life chapters and organizations, but now it’s time for me to start something of my own, too.

This something is APPOINT. So many people will say that they know what abortion is, but they’ve never really thought about it. My mission is to have APPOINT run completely by young people who want to take a stand against abortion. In the future, I am hoping to develop a 6-month interactive program that helps youth become involved in their own towns and possibly summer pro-life camps, as well. For now, though, I have to start small and am just working on building a booth that will be able to be taken places. It will cater to teens and give them the true facts about abortion.

We need both monetary and volunteer support (people who want to help get the word out, others who are willing to contribute ideas and help bring them to life, and individuals who are very talented in graphic design, etc.).

Since APPOINT is in the very beginning stages, right now I’m working on the simple, but important things like getting a website launched, brochures printed, a logo designed, and purchasing high-quality signs for outreaches, as well as the necessary items for a booth: tent, table, displays, models, and more.

I want to invite you to become part of launching APPOINT, a pro-life organization that shows the truth about abortion to teens. Would you like help me? You will be saving children from abortion. If you are willing to contribute, go to (If you wish to make a donation, but not online, please contact me for an address.)

I’m also asking teens to send me a paragraph about any kind of pro-life work that they have done. The website for APPOINT was just launched and I’m hoping to feature your words about how you are making a difference for the unborn.

Make it short, to the point, and heart-touching. It can simply be an observance or how you felt when faced with abortion.

If you want to contribute, just leave your words as a comment on this post.

Your help matters!!

Please pray for me as I embark on creating APPOINT.

Thank you!

McKennaugh Kelley

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P.S. Homeschooling Teen asked McKennaugh the following question:

If you could inspire 1,000 teens to become more active in the pro-life movement, what would you say? She answered:

“Don’t be afraid to stand up. It’s hard, but so worth it. A quarter of our generation is gone forever. We cannot save a life on our own, but if we let God know that we are willing to do His work, AMAZING things can happen. Don’t be afraid, don’t give up! And NEVER, EVER, EVER think that you are too young!!”

Thanks, McKennaugh, for inspiring and challenging teens to get out there and make a difference!

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